Open Challenges


About Us


Tata Innoverse is based on the principles of Open Innovation. The main objective is based on the fact that not all the talented people work for us and we cannot only rely on our internal capabilities to solve all our problems. With this objective, through Tata Innoverse, we are calling all the talented people globally to look at our challenges and participate in solving them.

Our Intent

    We believe that every challenge should intellectually stimulate you and make you think & explore. Rest assured, every solution submitted will undergo rigorous evaluation by various experts from the Tata companies for viability and effectiveness.

Why Should You Participate

    1. Creatively engage with stimulating problems beyond your own context
    2. Use the opportunity to express your leading edge solutions
    3. Contribute to the emerging phenomenon of collaborative solutioning
    4. Help Tata companies accelerate their innovations in the diverse sectors