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OPENED ON: 17 NOV 2016  |  CLOSED ON: 14 AUG 2017  |  REWARD: INR 1,00,000
Reward money is paid in exchange of legally acquiring the solution, implementing it to solve the problem and meeting the success criteria. Milestones for paying the reward money would depend upon the complexity of challenge and maturity of the proposed solution, which would be discussed with the solver as soon as the proposed solution is selected by us.

Short Description:

We are looking for options (other than pillow packaging) for new type of packaging using our existing FFS (Form Fill Seal) machines.

Challenge Details

FFS (Form Fill Seal) machines create pillow type of packs. The typical sizes of these packs in shown in table 1. The machines used for packing pillow pouches are normal form fill seal machines which packs pouches like shown in figure 1.

The machines form the pouch with the help of Former, which folds the laminate, seals the bottom portion, fills the product and then seals the top portion. Technical specifications and the typical dimensions of these machines are shown in table 2 & table 3 respectively.

The laminates used are mostly in two or three layers.

The two layer laminate includes Pet & Polyethylene, while the three layer laminate consists of Pet, metPet & polyethylene, in the same order. Finally, the laminates are sealed at a temperature of around 130 degrees C.

For the discerning customer, this packaging (pillow) is not aspirational. It does not have any advantage from a standpoint of shelf throw or convenience of use. Therefore, we want to change the packaging design. However, to make any changes in the pillow pack, the capability of FFS machines prove to be a bottleneck and the investment required to completely change FFS machines is too high.

We are therefore, looking to create new/unique/innovative pack designs that can be achieved only by changing the forming section of the existing FFS machines (Electro mechanical and Servo driven)

We are not interested in the following solutions:

  • Buying new machines
  • Niche Ideas that cannot be scaled up
  • Leads to an incremental cost of more than 3- 5% per kg

Table 1: Typical dimensions of pillow packs

Pillow pouch Size (L X W) mm
100 gm 165X110
250 gm 210X 155
500 gm 265X190
Cathedral pouch Sizes (LX W)
250 gm 230X100
500 gm 290X130


Table 2: Technical specifications of machines


Model Power (Connected) Power (Consumption) Change over time Compressed air requirement Weight of Former (Kg) Horizontal sealing Vertical sealing
Excel Plus 13 Kva 6.5 Kva 20 min 17 cfm 41 Kg (1 Kg) Pneumatic Pneumatic
Sprint 250 Plus 12 Kva 4 Kva 15 min 6 cfm 36 Kg(500 gm)
26 Kg (250 gm)
Servo Pneumatic


Table 3: Typical dimensions of machine



Machine name Dimensions (mm) (LxH) Type of pouch produced Maximum pouch width Maximum web width
XL plus 4681 x 4863 Pillow pouch 350 730
Sprint plus 4672 x 3728 Pillow pouch 250 520
Sprint plus (quad seal) 4218 x 3699 Qaud seal - Cathedral seal 155 430

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