Sep  5, 2017 One more challenge announced We are pleased to announce one more very exciting challenge:  Inspection of metallic parts inside a thick metal enclosure Have a look. We look forward to receiving your Innovative Solutions!

Open Challenges

Have a solution that you think can make life easier for us? Go through the list of the wicked challenges we face at the workplace. And if your solution is good enough, you could win exciting prizes.

Inspection of metallic parts inside a thick metal enclosure

We refurbish worn out parts of various Machines/systems. Customers are charged based on the degree of damage to the sub-system components. We are looking to modify the inspection of the system.


Staple Free Tea Bag Sealing System

Currently Tea bags are sealed by stapling process. We are looking for cost effective, scalable solution for retrofitting Teabag machine to replace stapling process by other means of sealing.


To evaluate the Scratch resistance property of coated plastic Ophthalmic lenses

Polymeric ophthalmic lenses (plastic) have become increasingly popular recently due to their excellent optical properties, impact resistance, light weight, etc.


Environment Friendly Process for Removing Scales and Oxide Layers from Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Strip Surface

Pickling process is used to remove scales and oxide layer from the strip surface. Solutions are invited for environmentally friendly acid free pickling process.


Economical High Speed Online Surface Inspection

Hot and cold rolled steel coils are processed by slitting and cutting to produce them in desired sizes. An inspection system is sought to automatically detect, analyse, classify & label defects.


Alternative to Wood as Packaging Material

Wooden donnages are used in packing and stacking of Finished Goods. Apart from high cost of wood, the quality of wood also poses a concern. We are therefore looking for alternative materials.


Video Analytics for ACTi Video Streams

ACTi CCTV cameras are installed in our premises. Solutions are invited for automatically assessing feed from these cameras to identify violations and trigger an alert.


Rebar Counting

The challenge is that the Rebars are difficult to be counted manually as they are many in numbers. The requirement is to count the EXACT number of Rebars in a bundle


Rebar Short length Identification

Identification and removal of short length bars (non-prime) is manual in nature, which is not 100% accurate. We seek an innovative solution to identify short length Rebars from the sorting bed.


Alternate joining methods for hollow sections/tubes in structural applications

The current methods of fabricating steel hollow sections is welding intensive, which is very challenging. We seek an improved mechanism of joining, which involves less of welding.


Health Monitoring of Rooftop

Industrial dust emanating from various processes, gets deposited on structural roofs and dust needs to be cleaned on a periodic basis. We are seeking solutions to clean the heavy accumulation of dust.


Reducing pyrophoric tendency of Iron Powder

High purity Iron powder is produced by reduction of ultrafine iron oxide. But while reducing the iron oxide it sometimes catches fire. We are seeking a solution to eliminate this pyrophoric tendency


Permeability Measurement of Sinter Bed

Sinter plants produce sinter materials that feed Blast furnaces. Permeability plays an important role in determining their quality. We are seeking solutions to determine permeability of sinter bed.


Minimizing loss of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) during Coal leaching process

For sustainable steel production the ash content of the coal needs to be less than 10%. We use 2 stage leaching process to reduce ash content. We want to minimize the loss of NaOH during leaching.


Improving efficiency of De-Sulphurizing compound

We manufacture a compound/reagent (Desulphurising - DS) to remove Sulphur from Liquid Iron. The maximum utilization efficiency is 35 - 40% only. We want to increase it to 50% or more.


Aligning the Tail End of Wire Rod Coils

In Wire Rod Mill (WRM) of steel plant the end product wire rod coils. The tail end of the coil gets misaligned and causes damage. We are seeking solutions to address this problem.


Briquetting of Coal Fines

Non coking coal that is greater than 3mm in size is fed into the kiln. Coal that is less than 3mm (coal fines) is not desired. We are looking for a solution to make briquettes from these coal fines.


Our Intent

We believe that every challenge should intellectually stimulate you and make you think & explore. Rest assured, every solution submitted will undergo rigorous evaluation by various experts from the Tata companies for viability and effectiveness.

Why should you participate

  • Creatively engage with stimulating problems beyond your own context
  • Use the opportunity to express your leading edge solutions
  • Contribute to the emerging phenomenon of collaborative solutioning
  • Help Tata companies accelerate their innovations in the diverse sectors

Tata Group launches its Open Innovation Program


Sep  5, 2017

One more challenge announced

We are pleased to announce one more very exciting challenge: 

  1. Inspection of metallic parts inside a thick metal enclosure

Have a look.

We look forward to receiving your Innovative Solutions!

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