Season 2 Challenges

REWARD - ₹ 1,00,000
Ferous Oxide

Identification and removal of short length bars (non-prime) in the New Bar Mill (NBM) is manual in nature, which is not 100% accurate. In this process, the operator tends to miss, at times, the short length bars. The short length bars thus end up in reaching customers as part of prime length bundles. Short length bars are defined as any bar which is <12 meters (or any specified length) long. 

Currently, the short length bar identification and removal is completely manual. The Operator at the station would walk on the bed that has several Rebars and identifies the short length bars (<12m), picks them up from the bed and throws them to an adjacent area meant for collecting scrap Rebars. This process of short length bar identification is not accurate as the operator tends to miss spotting short length bars. The process also poses significant safety concern & is highly unergonomic. NBM is keen to find an innovative solution to identify the short length Rebars at the sorting bed and an automated process for their removal.

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