Season 1 Challenges

REWARD - ₹ 1,00,000
Ferous Oxide

Bulk cargo of coal and flux are dispatched regularly from ports to various destinations by different types of wagons. Different types of wagons have different chargeable weights, which is around 68 Metric Ton (MT) per wagon with a tolerance of maximum +2 MT. The Wagons are supposed to be loaded with the weight of 68MT+2MT (figure 1). It is not desired to load to a lesser capacity (<68MT) as it would be an opportunity lost (idle freight). If the wagons are loaded above 68MT, punitive freight penalty is charged. In addition to this, we must also consider the possibility where the train may get detained. The weight of each rake (wagon) is measured in IMWB (In Motion Weigh Bridge) and the same is used for deciding on punitive charges and detention. Detention of rakes is the biggest obstacle, as it also drives us to load less in the rakes.


In the past, wagons were loaded based on volume. Subsequently, in order to deal with the above problem, loaders were fitted with load cells (figure 2) to measure the weight of material at the time of loading the wagon. Surveyors were deployed to monitor the load cell reading. Usage of load cells on loaders is not solving the problem as there are variations between the load cell measurement and In-motion weigh bridge measurement (figure 3).

In view of the present situation, and to increase the efficiency in wagon loading, it is desired to have a wagon scanning system to measure its gross weight. This scanning system can scan a loaded wagon at the loading point and determine the gross weight of the wagon (Material weight + Wagon weight).  It is important to note that there are various types of wagons and there are various types of materials that are loaded on these wagons.

Critical Success Factors/ Measures:

By implementing the scanning system there should be zero wagons beyond the maximum allowable gross weight of the wagon.

In case of a mismatch with IMWB weighing system, the same should be contestable with the implemented new solution.

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